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Circuit Fillers 

Q: Does the SmartFiller M include a shut-off?

A: Yes the SmartFiller M includes a built-in shut-off on the bottom of the valve.


Air Vent Valves 

Q: Can the air vent valves be installed upside down?

A: No, the air vent valves must be installed vertical in the upright position for the float to operate and vet the air correctly.


Dirt Separators 

Q: Why do I need a dirt separator for my system?

A: The continuous, constant action of these devices helps to eliminate impurities inside the system (sand - sludge - iron oxides - etc. ...) as well as to ensuring a more efficient operation therefor, reducing failures and malfunctions, with consequent advantages for the user in terms of, energy consumption reduction, maintenance work reduction & system management cost reduction.


Magnetic Dirt Separators 

Q: Where should I install my magnetic dirt separator?

A: It is recommended to install your magnetic dirt separator on the primary circuit return (boiler inlet) and in any case upstream of the devices that it must protect (circulators, exchangers, etc. ...). To allow subsequent maintenance work, make sure there is enough space around the valve.


Pressure Reducing Valve 

Q: Can I replace the cartridge inside my pressure reducing valve?

A: Yes, for the replacement, control and cleaning of the reducer, simply unscrew the cap and remove the internal cartridge, which contains all the mobile parts and consumables. When replacing the cartridge the reducer goes back to being like new.


Thermostatic Mixing Valves 

Q: Can I use my thermostatic valve for drinking water applications?

A: Yes, all of our valves have been certified to both NSF-61 and NSF-372 standards and are completely safe to use in drinking water applications.



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